Wireless Backup Cameras: What Do You Need To Know?


There's no better way for technology to be used than to make many parts of our lives safer not just for us and those we love, butalso for everyone around us, as well. While driving is a natural part of everyday life, anyone who pays attention to statistics understands that car accidents are one of the largest causes of non-natural death and injury in the United States and that is even before figuringin things like property damage and rising insurance costs as a result.

Wireless backup cameras are fantastic tools to help make driving, backing up, and being in your vehicle just a little bit safer not only for you but also for everyone else around you. While some vehicles have had installed rear cameras on the dashboard since the mid to late 2000's, this safety feature is a trend that took some time to catch on, but there's no denying its usefulness and effectiveness.
These are cameras that can be added to vehicles to give drivers the same benefit of an installed rear backup camera in models that weren't originally designed with them. This means almost any car, truck, van, or SUV can have this high quality safety feature on today's roads.

Top 6 Wireless Backup Cameras

Judging the best backup cameras is a difficult task and it is important to note that the most important factor is that they work, and that you are comfortable with the screen and monitor setup to drive more safely, especially when backing up or looking for foot traffic behind you.
However, there are certain cameras that consistently come out as being some of the best because they use reliable technology, are inexpensive, and can be easily and reliably mounted. These are important points to make sure your camera gives you the full length of quality service you're looking for. So read on to learn more about 7 of the most popular models out there!

#1: Wireless License Plate Camera via TadiBrothers

This is an extremely high quality backup camera that is found consistently on everyone's top ten list of the best back of vehicle cameras that are out there. These cameras have a strong reputation for being extremely sturdy and able to take a beating over a long period of time while still offering an extremely high quality picture on the receiving monitor. The camera can even use LED infrared lights in order to see in the dark and provide a level of clear vision that isn't otherwise available.
This unit is often a little higher priced than many of the other available options, however it still often sells for right around an affordable $200 mark and many experts consider this particular model the best overall option that is available.

#2: Yada Wireless Backup Camera

Easy to install and with an effective range of sight of 50 feet, Yada creates a reliable and high quality backup camera that might not be the absolute top of the market, but it is extremely competitive and more than enough for what most drivers need. Coming in at around $125-$135 in most places, this is more affordable than the TadiBrothers model and comes with a one year warranty that will help make sure your investment is fully covered.

#3: Boyo VTC 424 Wireless Backup Cameras

Featuring a 130 degree field of view, Boyo's fray into the market of safety backup cameras is a very inexpensive one at around $125. This wireless camera is waterproof, freeze proof, and can take the full beating of the natural elements and changing weather conditions while continuing to perform in a satisfactory manner.
On the con side, Boyo does not come with night vision the way many other rear vehicle cameras do so if you have night blindness and are looking for more help with that, this won't be the best choice. For a lot of daylight driving, Boyo's VTC 424 will be more than enough to meet all of your needs.

#4: Peak Wireless Rear View Camera

Peak comes in with one of the least expensive models in the $80 range and can be a great inexpensive options for someone who needs just the basics for safer daytime driving and not so many of the bells and whistles that many newer models are coming out with. A 110 degree field of view will serve the needs of most people and while this model does not come with night vision or distance lines, it comes with all the basics that will help to make you safer when backing up.
This is a bare bones budget model, but it will do for many people.

#5: iBall Trailer Hitch Camera (Wireless)

The iBall rear camera has the narrowest range of vision among those being reviewed on this list, but 90 degrees should be more than enough to see any potential obstacles and help you avoid them whether parked cars, a difficult parallel parking job, or people walking through a parking lot without paying attention. This camera is among the easiest on this list to install and still holds up to adverse weather conditions.

#6: QuickVu Backup Camera

One of the high end models that often sells for over $200 and sometimes as high as $250, this camera is a rare combination of extremely high quality that combines with ease of installation. This camera is extremely easy to mount and install, water resistant and freeze resistant, and offers a 127 degree range of view that is further accentuated with accurate "distance lines" to help you have an extremely clear idea of exactly how far back any potential problem is.

Finding The Perfect Wireless Backup Cameras For You

Every vehicle is going to be a little bit different, and you not only want to find a premium model or a budget model, but you want to figure out what type of setup makes you the most comfortable. After all, it doesn't matter how highly ranked any of these cameras are if you're not comfortable using them effectively!