Hidden Nanny Camera – Yes/No

Should you use a nanny camera, or any type of hidden spy camera?  The answer is yes you can, but you must be careful.  While it is legal in every state in the US, there are areas of the home where recording, visual or audio, may be a violation of privacy.  The article below examines some of these issues.

Nanny Cam: Yes or No? – Care.com

“INanny cameras, commonly referred to as nanny cams, have gained significant recognition and caused more than a few eyebrow raises in the last few years. News stories about nanny cams catching nannies “in the act” have caused many parents to buy a nanny cam of their own to keep an eye on things. If your family is considering a nanny cam, here are some factors to consider.

What Is a Nanny Cam? 
As the name suggests, nanny cams are cameras placed in a house to keep an eye on your nanny, babysitter or au pair and your children. Typically, they are installed in strategic locations throughout the home to get a clear view of your nanny and child and, in many cases, the camera is hidden in an object or out of sight.

Nanny cams also aren’t just for nannies. You can also use them to monitor pet sitters andhousekeepers who visit your home while you’re not around. Many day cares have similar surveillance systems in place.

What Nanny Cam Laws Should I Know?

It can be difficult to make the decision to purchase a camera, but if you choose to, it’s important to know the legalities. Families can choose whether or not to tell their caregiver that they have a nanny cam. And there are two types of laws you need to be aware of: ones for video surveillance and ones for audio recordings.”



Laws regarding the use of nanny cameras can be very restrictive depending on where they are used. We hope the article above sheds some light on the issue. Should you be considering one for you use, you might want to click on the ad below.


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