How to Fly A Quadcopter Drone

Learning to fly a quadcopter Drone is no easy task. There are many features and factors that must be taken into account to safely and legally fly this device. Although the use of these devices are becomming more and more popular, laws and regulations are making it much more complicated. The article below attempts to aquaint you with some of the issues you should consider while preparing and flying your drone to make arial photographs.


How To Prep, Fly, And Photograph with A Quadcopter Drone On Location | Fstoppers

If you’ve ever thought about trying out a drone, you probably have heard how complicated it is. Sure, there are easier systems to use like the DJI Phantom, but there is still a learning curve that you need to overcome before you should fly and shoot with a drone on your own, especially before an important shoot… and also before any situation where you may possibly LOSE the drone. Watch the video and learn more below.

According to Colin Smith’s YouTube post:

This video shows how to fly a DJI Phantom 2 Vision + drone. On location at the beach, see how to calibrate, preflight and fly for aerial video and photography. We shoot some paddle boarders, from the DJI video handbook.

I have always been the kind of guy that considered myself fairly tech savvy and never really needed instruction manuals. Well, own a drone and that will change your perspective quickly. I purchased aDJI Phantom 2 Vision Plus over the summer to get some aerial footage for some small video projects we had coming up. It was cool because it had its own HD camera and software to transmit directly to my iPhone without needing to buy any additional accessories. It was essentially a turnkey solution to take off, shoot still or video, and watch live footage and move the camera around independently of the drone with their supplied software. Sadly, it was not that easy.

First, I plowed the drone into a tree on its first test flight (start practicing in a big open space with no solid structures or water nearby). Thankfully it survived with a few dings, but it was clear that it was way too easy for flight control to spin WAY out of control way too quickly. Although, it only took me 30 minutes of practice in an empty parking lot to train my brain how to make the drone go the way I wanted it to go. Because it can go in so many directions, the controls are not as easy as up, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, select, start. You have to be able to feel out the drone and be aware of wind gusts and structures, how it handles, and camera angle. Practice truly is key. It is a fluid process more so than just learning what buttons to press.”

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