Rear View Camera Installation

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A Rear View Camera Installation

A quality rear view camera has the ability to offer safety by way of reducing the number of accidents that take place while the vehicle is in reverse. The video camera used in a backup camera set up gets mounted on the rear of your car, enabling the driver to reverse a lot safer with the prevention of any unnecessary accidents. Such cameras are now inbuilt in many of the modern vehicles that you will find on the market today. Because most older models do not have them, they are available for purchase as a separate unit that you can have installed. Most times, the camera will come with a screen monitor that will help the driver to see the … Read More

A Backup Camera on a Smart Phone.302

Smart Phone Backup Camera

Well it doesn’t get much easier than this.  Install a licence plate, take out your phone and you have a backup camera to assist you when backing up your vehicle.  This innovation is sure to attract many drivers who lack the will to install an aftermarket backup camera on their vehicle.  Check out the article below from “Techcrunch” for details.

Pearl Automation’s license plate cover puts a car backup camera on your phone | TechCrunch

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But that technology still takes a long time to roll out. It can take as long as 5-10 years until a new piece of technology starts popping up in new cars, and even then it starts off in higher-end models. Gardner said. The car development

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