Unique Use Of Drone Cameras

How drone cameras are used

People are using drone cameras in many ways these days.  Rescue missions, fire fighting observation and agricultural surveys are just a few of the ways drone cameras are being used.  Many are using them to make money.  The article below is an unusual way in which this technology is being used to document blight situations in American cities.

Drone camera documents blight in intown Atlanta neighborhood | The Watchdog blog

“A group of Atlanta residents are so angry over the city’s blighted buildings they flew a drone to film them. What they found is ugly.

These aerial shots from the Ashview Heights and English Avenue neighborhoods show the skeletal remains of long-abandoned properties. The crumbling roofs would look at … Read More

Flying A Quadcopter Drone

How to Fly A Quadcopter Drone

Learning to fly a quadcopter Drone is no easy task. There are many features and factors that must be taken into account to safely and legally fly this device. Although the use of these devices are becomming more and more popular, laws and regulations are making it much more complicated. The article below attempts to aquaint you with some of the issues you should consider while preparing and flying your drone to make arial photographs.


How To Prep, Fly, And Photograph with A Quadcopter Drone On Location | Fstoppers

If you’ve ever thought about trying out a drone, you probably have heard how complicated it is. Sure, there are easier systems to use like the DJI Phantom,

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