Smart Phone Backup Camera

Well it doesn’t get much easier than this.  Install a licence plate, take out your phone and you have a backup camera to assist you when backing up your vehicle.  This innovation is sure to attract many drivers who lack the will to install an aftermarket backup camera on their vehicle.  Check out the article below from “Techcrunch” for details.

Pearl Automation’s license plate cover puts a car backup camera on your phone | TechCrunch

Camera Frame_Car Adapter_Phone Mount

But that technology still takes a long time to roll out. It can take as long as 5-10 years until a new piece of technology starts popping up in new cars, and even then it starts off in higher-end models. Gardner said. The car development cycle is just much longer, which means it takes around half a decade for a major refresh for a car to roll out. That lag means there’s an opportunity to introduce that technology in a simple-to-install manner.

Gardner was originally hired at Apple to manage the first iPod Nano in 2005, and soon picked up the rest of the iPod and started working on the iPhone over the course of his career. That job in particular was an interesting one: It was Apple’s first foray into using flash storage. Apple’s rapid release cycle allowed the company to experiment with new kinds of hardware and technology, something Gardner said he hoped to bring to the automotive industry. So the team formed in 2014, and over the course of its life has raised $50 million in financing across two rounds.

It would seem — and be expected — that a lot of inspiration here is drawn from Tesla, which can essentially install new features on cars with over-the-air software updates. That’s allowed Tesla cars to essentially improve over time without having to go in for upgrades, or requiring the owner to purchase a new car. Sure, eventually the cars themselves will be out of date, but the fact remains that Tesla has shown consumers that cars should improve over time, Gardner said.”

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Check our the video below to see how this type of camera would function.